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5 Decade of
Unmatch Knowledge, Unmatch Service
Unmatch Consultancy

Trust of
200 Export Houses

The Pledge

Since the inception of our company, almost five decades ago, there are ethical norms that are being followed with respect to work and business ethics without slightest compromise. This pledge is based on our service, our culture and business ethics.

  • Give genuine guidance to the client
  • Give priority to the benefits and the growth of the client
  • As Gandhiji always said - Treat each and every Client like God
  • Try to obtain maximum benefits for the client (but) within the frame work of the Policy
  • Be transparent while working with the client
  • Have a vision for the client progress and have new innovation etc.
  • Fight for the clients right
  • To educate the client and their staff for preparing proper documents and keep them posted on day to day affairs
  • Trust is the basis of our relationship, hence be faithful with the client and not to let out any of their business secrets
  • Long term relationship is developed on honesty, hence one should be sincere to the client
  • Being open to the client's suggestions
  • Create goodwill in the market
  • To render services PAR excellence
  • Being a JAIN, not to undertake any Consultancy for export of fish, mutton, leather goods etc. (AHINSA PERMO DHARAM)
Rendering Services to Three Generations

Shri Harshad S. Bhayani, the founder of TIKTOK, has been rendering consultancy services since 1960. A huge number of clientele belongs to the third generation of earlier clients across India who continued to have same faith and confidence like their father / grandfathers had.

We at TIKTOK take pride in our Clients' growth and act as a catalyst in enhancing their growth further taking to new heights. Our growth in the field of consultancy is due to continuous support from our valued clients and we look forward for their continued patronage.